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Work With us

Technology for Sustainable Security

Sustainability is all about conserving resources and taking the initiatives dedicated to the conservation of resources which leads to less harm to nature. As technological resources have made it significantly easier to protect nature while bringing in organisational efficiency, security technology has been intrinsically incorporated into our work processes, helping us offer our customers sustainable security.
● Automated Invoice & Payroll
● Remote Monitoring System
● App-based Live Audits
● Portal for Raising Tickets
● QRT & Mobile Solution
● App-based Attendance
● Online Training

Bringing in Customer Transparency

Risks and threats vary from type of organization to location of the facility. For ensuring all-round and impenetrable security of the premises, it’s critically important to first identify the potential risks and then deploy the best security solutions. At Peregrine, the entire phase of implementing a security program takes place through our digital platforms, making the process completely transparent for our customers. The man-tech model of our security services delivery enables our customers to determine their baseline and position to run a top-down security assessment and ensure that all security measures are instituted properly in their facilities.
● 24x7 Helpdesk
● Integrated Dashboard
● Cross Industry Alert & Advisory
● Centralized Information Repository